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Marketing & Practice Management Consultant for Health Care Providers in the NYC area.

Elide, EL - ID - DEE or like Melody without the M.


For more than a decade I have been dedicated to helping private practices and patients grow together. Helping practitioners build the business they always envisioned is not only my mission, it is my passion.


In 2001 I began my journey in the healthcare field.  Being on the front lines, you receive first hand feedback from patients and I discovered a few important things very quickly.

1. It doesn’t matter how great the practitioner is if a poor patient experience outweighs their gifts and skills.  People WILL spread the word.  This makes a huge impact now more than ever in the age of social media.

2. I truly cared about the patients.  I wanted them to have a pleasant, stress free experience on the phone and from the moment they walked into the office through their departure.  They are a patient for a reason. Health can be scary and/or uncomfortable, they are paying hard earned money for a service that could not be more personal and their time is as valuable as your time.

3. I was good at identifying areas for improvement, how to create plans of action and how to implement them to facilitate positive change.

Having direct influence on practice improvement and client satisfaction was extremely rewarding and ignited my passion to help practitioners grow their businesses in a responsible way.  It encouraged me to become further educated as a health practitioner graduating New York College of Health Professions in 2007 and take on future roles such as Director of Operations and Director of Marketing for other successful clinics and practices.

Successful businesses are rarely the result of a single person but rather a coordinated team effort.  The health of your business is important and while we work together I will:

  • Consider the entire ecosystem of your business
  • Create individualized plans
  • Implement ongoing efforts
  • Offer continued support

Check out my services to see how I can become part of your team and send me a note to get started!


Practice Management

  • Overall Practice Strategy & Assessment (the 4 T’s)
  • Development of corporate structure
  • Establishing platform for consistent communication
  • Policy & procedure creation
  • Employee retention
  • Client intake & retention processes
  • Budget creation
  • Metrics & Reporting


  • Evaluation of current plan & business state
  • Traditional: brand development, client relations & WOM focus, ads & direct mail, market research, brochure & material creation
  • Digital: website production, blog & content creation, newsletters, social media
  • Network: curate & pursue new referral sources, manage existing referral sources, community outreach, workshop/lecture development
  • Integrate systems to track marketing efforts
  • On going marketing support

My Process

The Line

Most consultants will evaluate your information, develop a plan and give you direction on how to do it all…but the buck stops here (see the dashed line above!).

Having someone hand you a fancy report with a detailed analysis often doesn’t help much and leaves you with the same issues you began with.

  • There’s really not enough time to do all of this.
  • I don’t have what I need to do this and not sure what to do next.
  • I don’t have staff to help me or don’t have time to train staff to help me.
  • The plan seemed right at first but doesn’t integrate well in my day to day operations.
  • I collected all this new information but I have no idea what to do with it now.

I understand the obstacles that cause business owners to get “stuck in the mud” when it comes to practice management and marketing.  That is why my process starts with your 4 T’s and goes beyond the line to offer you assistance from execution through iteration.

The 4 T’s

Lot’s of people get stuck in the idea phase or can’t complete projects because they don’t have access to or didn’t manage their:

  • TEAM
  • TIME

Together, we will manage these factors in detail, and I can fill in the gaps specific to the needs of your business and project to help ensure success and completion. 

Check out my full blog post on the 4 T’s method to learn more.

Recent Work

Elide has been instrumental in helping me grow my business. She is someone who will not only come in and get the job done but who will also provide the vision and implementation needed for actualization. Elide is always there with a word of support when needed to help me move my business in a forward direction.
Sharon Stills , NMD
Elide is great to have in your corner. She has made such a positive impact on the consistency and flow of my business. Communication with staff and partners has never been better, she identified and effectively corrected processes in which my business was losing clients and is committed to keeping you focused and on track with your goals. If you are in a rut, just starting out or want to start over, I would definitely recommend her.
Nick Roselli, OTR/L, CHT
Elide has set herself apart by going above and beyond what is required. She offered insight into the performance of tasks and assisted with analysis in order to do them better in the future. Elide has proven to be a valuable asset to my company.
Patrick Wallace, MSPT. Owner of Physical Therapy Works
Working with and learning from Elide about marketing was an amazing opportunity. I would definitely recommend her services.
Dr. Laurie Brodsky, ND




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